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Creativity, Identity and Youth Dance

      One of the main lines of enquiry for me as Artistic Director of Attik Dance is that of identity. This manifests in everything we do, where every process and experience we lead supports our participants and artists to explore this aspect of themselves.   One very obvious way of exploring Identity is […]

Fulfilling your Physical Potential

Fulfilling your Physical Potential So the Rio Olympics have finished and Team GB did amazing things. I was fortunate enough to have my annual leave coincide with the Olympics, so I was able to watch a great deal. Favourite bits? Women’s Rugby 7’s was awe inspiring, the women’s hockey final a nail-biting extravaganza of skill, […]

Four years goes by in a flash!

With sadness and joy in my heart I am writing to say that I am leaving Attik Dance after four years! I joined the company after I had just graduated from Laban, a contemporary dance conservatoire in London. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do and how to use my skills. As a […]


As an artist working with young people in dance I (Sophie) have a responsibility to model a positive relationship with my body. Here I can be honest and say that my relationship with my body has shifted over time; from dancing making me feel incredibly sure of myself and my body and at other times […]

Learning ways of Choreographing How my choreographic journey has progressed with Attik.

Whenever the phrase “I would like you to choreograph a count of 8” is ushered in a dance space consisting of young people, the dancers in the room start to squeal and shrink away in horror. I used to be one of these young people a few years ago before I became a member of […]

Risk – how do we support the experience of Risk in our dance practice?

  The taking of risks is an interesting subject for us at Attik Dance, in a number of different areas. There is the obvious risk in the physical expression in dance, risk that can result in injury or people getting hurt in a myriad of ways. There is creative risk, where there is a fear […]

Training for creative collaborators

Dancers for a long time have been a part of the spectacle of the Choreographer’s vision. However across the UK and more widely throughout other European countries professional dancers are working in collectives, setting up their own creative initiatives and even within traditional company structures are being asked to offer deep artistic insight. The training […]

Dance as a gendered space and working in sessions in a non-gendered way

  As we have discussed in previous blogs, a primary motivation for us at Attik is to create learning environments, exercises and experiences that give our participants opportunities to explore their identity. Exploring dance with children and young people continues to throw up interesting and challenging questions that pertain to gender, to gender and the […]

A call to Dance.

A call to Dance. After the violence of this week, both in Florida and with the news of the death of Jo Cox MP, I have been left shocked and saddened by the hate in the world. And with this sadness is the inevitable thought process of ‘what can we do to somehow effect change’? What can we […]

Risky situations and Youth Dance

Giving dancers what they don’t even know they need is a running theme for us. The young dancers that we work with are generally recommended to come along because they need a challenge. I (Sophie) know that what we do is different but recently we have started questioning ourselves to define: what is it? There’s a […]

I am a female dancer; not a feminine dancer.

In response to reading Sophie’s recent blog post about Young Women and dance, Rachel thought she would share some of her thoughts about the gender roles she has experienced as a dancer and as an apprentice for Attik Dance.   In some dance classes I’ve taken and some performances I have done, I’ve been required to perform […]

Working with patterned movement in young dancers

Here at Attik Dance we are always working with new dancers, new explorations of creatively what a body can do, different experience levels and different levels of the experience of dance ‘technique’, or what we often now refer to as creatively limiting movement patterning. We use this term, creatively limiting movement patterning, not as a […]

Training Youth Dancers

Within a session of Attik youth dance company I rarely teach sequences, and recently I have been trying to work with the question of how I can teach the principles of a technical dance training through a creative framework. I have clear goals of what I want them to be able to achieve and explore […]

And improvisation?

Improvisation with Youth Dance Companies In the Youth Dance arena where contemporary dance is the main style, there are few words that strike as much fear as Improvisation. The mere mention of it can turn confident and skilled dancers into trembling, doubting, emotional wrecks. The fear is palpable. Talking of improv can create tension in […]

Young Women and Dance

It has been the first all female year of Attik youth dance company, and there have been some subtle changes. At the start of the year I was worried about the fact that we had no boys in the company. We would miss them!  And I thought that it would change the space. It has […]

Creativity, Identity and Youth Dance

      One of the main lines of enquiry for me as Artistic Director of Attik Dance is that of identity. This manifests in everything we do, where every process and experience we lead supports our participants and artists to explore this aspect of themselves. One very obvious way of exploring Identity is through […]

Sophie speaks about her methodology when working with young people.

At Attik Youth Dance Company my intention is to coach individual dancing people. Rather than just focus on training bodies I am trying to find ways to help them to construct and create their own creative strategies. They can then harness these strategies with their own body’s capacity for movement in response to discussion and […]

Young people are capable of so much…..

One of the great joys of working with dance in schools, and particularly in primary schools, is seeing the young people we work with do things physically and creatively that they and their teachers had never thought possible. We are currently fortunate to work in a number of fantastic primary schools in Plymouth and Cornwall. […]

Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance Round 1 Audition

This weekend I travelled up to London to attend the SEAD audition. I was not feeling particularly confidant because of a back injury that I had been dealing with the past three weeks and the cramped eight hour coach journey up to London did nothing to ease my discomfort. On the Friday night I went […]

New Dimensions!

  This weekend we took our youth company, Attik Youth, to London to perform in the U.Dance New Dimensions event. This event is a choreographic competition aimed at youth companies who are verging on a professional standard. It was an incredible platform for me to show my work and to be seen by dance artists […]

Young Choreographers South West.

Last weekend I went to Bournemouth to attend the Young Choreographers South West two day course. The course consisted of numerous workshops by dance artists, performance artists and business enterprises to give an insight into all aspects of being and sustaining yourself as a choreographer. It was also a good opportunity to meet other like-minded […]

Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance MoveMentors experience!

I spent the last ten days in Austria attending the MoveMentors course at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. The week consisted of yoga, ballet and contemporary technique, improvisation and choreography classes along with an hour group feedback session at the end of each day. The technique classes were very detailed and enabled us to focus […]

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Evaluation of Includance: Introduction

This is you Project Team: Dr Kerry Chappell & Dr Margo Greenwood October 2013 Executive Summary 1       INTRODUCTION 1.1       The Includance Project Includance was a cross-border micro-project which developed and explored a partnership between an English and French approach to social inclusion via the choreographic process.  The project was built on the idea that the […]