Attik Youth Dance Company

What did we do?

We were a youth dance company for any young person wanting to engage with dance in a new way. It wasn’t necessary to have previous dance experience but just to be prepared for a challenge!

As a company, we are really interested in working with young people who are artists, musicians, photographers…any young person who would like to work in a collaborative space to make work with dancers. Attik youth Dance Company was a part of our startegy to develop a methodology for working with Young people to train to become innovative, autonomous, confident creatives.

The company worked with young people aged between 10-24 years who learnt skills such as, partnering, improvising, choreographing  and performing. Attik Youth Dance Company was led by professional dancer, Sophie Colthurst, who  mentored and challenged the young people to learn new skills and develop their own creative decision making.


As a part of this ethos Sophie mentored a former apprentice to create a work for the company to be entered into New Dimensions which you can see here.

Recent performance at UDance 2015, South Bank Centre, London:

Response to the companies work:

At a recent workshop with the amazing Stopgap dance company, one of the company’s dancers gave our young people feedback:

‘Attik were really good! They worked well with movements from Artificial Things. They were great at developing contact work to lifting. They have great potential.’

Chris Pavia Stopgap Dance Company