Includance was a cross channel arts project starting in April 2013, working with young people who are socially excluded to create a piece of dance work. The weekly sessions delivered by the artistic director of Attik Dance, Ben Dunks and professional dancer, Sophie Colthurst focused on creativity and movement as a tool for social innovation.

This project was partnered with Danse à tous les étages, a theatre organisation across the channel, in the French cities, Brest and Rennes. Attik and Danse á tous les étages ran parallel workshops and in June 2013 the projects joined together in France for a week to create a dance piece for performance in a professional theatre. After developing the group’s skills further in weekly sessions, the groups then gathered in Plymouth to create another piece in July 2013.

Kerry Chappell and Margo Greenwood from Exeter University, have now finished their evaluation of the project and delivered their findings. It is a fascinating report and if you are interested in reading it please email for a copy of the report or please click here for a short summary.