Work Placement – Pauline Finet, 2 months in

I’m Pauline from France. I’m here with the French program “Mevipro” who found Attik for me, in order to gain professional and linguistic experience for 6 months.

I shadow Attik’s teachers who work with different groups and teach dance in a different way. This way I get to see a variety of teaching and ideas around dance. I have also been able to integrate with the Attik 360 and Access Theatre companies, where inclusive dance is approached with simplicity and goodwill.

During the classes, half of the time I join in the classes with the other participants where I develop my dance in relation to others. The other half of the time, I share feedback with the teachers and give some advice or exercises to the participants, in a spirit of looking outside and helping with the supervision of the dancers.

During the time where there are no classes, I help with some administrative tasks and think about the classes of the week (what’s happened, feelings, ideas of evolution) and have a folder of ideas and concepts that will help me to develop an eventual dance organisation in France.

Attik offer an opportunity of dancing, meeting and creation to allow me to open my mind, understand and develop knowledge about teaching and organization to a varied public.

During my free-time, I live with 3 housemates in Plymouth where I try to follow some activities especially around dance and the variation of the weather and to discover the little differences of this new English culture.

So, I’m here for 6 months of new discoveries and improvement personal and professional with Attik to develop ideas and enjoy this experience before proposing inclusive and creative dance in France!

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