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Easter was busy for Attik 360 with four beautiful and different events.

Two musicians joined us and played piano and guitar for the regular dance workshops. The music ran through the whole room and everybody, uniting the dancers with the music and vice versa.

Attik 360 and Access Theatre met in Liskeard for a day of drama and dance. The day allowed everyone to share their experience and discover new ways to express themselves using all the emotional abilities of the body. This first meeting between Attik and Access was very rewarding and we are already planning the next!

To celebrate the Easter holidays, Attik 360 held a tea party, with hot tea and many cakes. Between the many culinary delights, the dancing allowed the dancers to work off their cakes and to digest in all gaiety.

It may have been the holidays but Attik 360 have not been resting. A great was held at Dartington on April 9th. Attik met again with Access Theatre and new dancers, who came to exchange in the beautiful spaces offered by Dartington. Although the day was rainy, everyone was happy to meet and play with the notion of space. The atmosphere was both quiet but ambitious, while the group filmed in the beautiful Dartington spaces.

A day down at Sterts by Mike Brooks

Last month myself and three other dancers wet to Sterts to plan a One minute Video challenge for an online group called Dancetag on YouTube. The challenge was to make a dance piece for one minute or under using Smartphone’s and upload on YouTube.

The Location of the filming was at the Sterts Theatre a few minutes away from Liskeard and The Old Bray Shop in Cornwall. We started some ideas for the piece at the Devonport Guildhall in Plymouth.

At first I wasn’t so sure because I always dream up big ideas and it was hard to make it in a short video, but eventually we got pretty good ideas for the piece and then put it all together down at Sterts.

Down at Sterts we started by warming up in the cold empty theatre, Unfortunately I had a cough that can jumpstart Michael Jackson, but I made it through and made some adjustments for the one minute performance before we filmed with another Camera and laptop.

We made two videos, one for Dancetag and another for Attik and we also wanted to try and use different camera angles and effects on the Smartphone. We finished the two videos and we then decided to make another by using the Theatre seats to dance to. But all and all it was a cold sweaty day and I enjoyed it.

Digitising Dance by Pauline Finet

Pavilion dance South West offered free full day workshops on how to create engaging and well produced dance films. Digitising Dance – Plymouth took place in the Dance and Drama studio at City College Plymouth, the Goshen Centre on Thursday 4th April 2013.

The Workshop was lead by James, a filmmaker from Somerset Film, accompanied by his assistant, who was music composer and film director with a preference for cartoons. There were 6 participants, aged between 14-20 years old, with different dance experience; dancers, free runners, students, there was also Ben and Sophie, from Attik, helping to link between professional film makers and dancers.

The first thing was to discover the film equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, battery) inside them, how to protect them and how to construct them. After we learned their usefulness, how to use them became more complicated. Thus James explained clearly their use in practice.

After having gone around the equipment and its use, it remains to know what you can shoot. Divided into two groups, the participants create a small sequence around the concept of touch/ movement. Once the sequence was created, the set up was improved with the advice of Sophie. It’s time to eat!

A one-hour break to build a lot of energy because the afternoon promises to be intense! So following the debate on the advantage or disadvantage of sugar, it’s time to shoot!

For this, the second group chose the location, decor and shooting angles. Once selected, the first group is set up and the second group are divided between those who said: “camera roll” / “speed” and the famous “ACTION”! Although “the cut” announced the end, it’s only the end of the shot and others are necessary. The group danced again and again and even if when they start to get hot, they have to keep their pullovers on because everything has to be filmed in the same conditions! Once the filming group is satisfied comes the turn of role change between dancers and filmmakers and it sets off again, “camera roll, speed, action and cut”!

After the two groups have danced and been filmed, is the last great moment, the creation of the film. At this moment, bits of videos are in every corner, but a few clicks by James on the desires of dancers / producers are enough for a short film that looks professional!

So in a day, participants were able to discover the professional equipment, their use, get know each other through dance and learn to shoot in a professional manner! So one day intense and very rewarding!


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