Pauline Finet – 6 Month blog

6 months, the time passed too quickly …

I remember arriving with my ideas, I introduced myself as a master teacher of adapted activity, a history in dance, some performance as amateur … But finally it does not matter, one of the first things I’ve learned with Attik is to remain open, free and not stop on what we know or experienced because there are so many other things more beautiful or more rewarding in life. And for that Attik is fantastic. So I came here and entered Attik, without judgment, without artifice, they opened the doors to me and with all their confidence let me in their world.

Attik opened a world where the person is first. Perfect gestures, is not the goal, but the discovery, enrichment, creative process and their welfare is what each teacher is looking for. Attik is a team, all different from each other, united by their common passion.

During these six months, I first discovered my body, its movement possibilities and I can copy any movement but the real pleasure, beauty, interest is to be appropriated to its own possibilities. And it is beautifully taught by each teacher, we start with one spot, one movement and a few sentences we arrive at an entire room to create by itself without realizing it. Anything is possible you just stay open. And this is reflected in the meetings and projects. Attik is always excited by new meetings, projects, always therefore interested to find out more. And it taught me not to be afraid to open up, to meet people, there is always something to learn. Finally, for a break, working in the office, I could better understand how to organize a company. The importance given to communication and its benefits. Then with all the confidence they have given me I have improved on my computer.

So these six months have helped me grow to enrich myself on all possible levels, to open my body, my mind, to have more confidence in meetings, project opportunities, to become aware of the importance of communication, self-care of others and remain open and while taking maximum pleasure.

While this has not always been easy, I lost my bearings, I did not understand everything, but I had the chance to hang on, to be immersed in all classes and have total confidence in each team member. So finally it was not easy in the sense that I did not know what to do, but ultimately Attik offers everything they have for the good of everyone.

And so I thank all of Attik, Ben, Emma, Sophie, Clair, Sarah, Lauren, Matt, Sarah and Sarah and I am more than grateful and sad to leave. And I recommend to everyone who has the courage to read all this and met with members of Attik to hang on, do not stay closed or intimidated but to hang on because it is a great adventure because if you really get into the world of Attik you do not want to end!


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