Elevate is our programme of work with predominantly disengaged young people, whether that means they are part of the Youth Offending Team, Youth Services, NEET or part of a youth service programme to support them in finding their way. With ELEVATE we have a range of different programmes and experiences for young people.

Most recently we explored Fighting and Violence in their lives as the theme from which to explore movement and dance. Next year we will be exploring Depression and Mental Health challenges. However in 2013, on our Interreg project, we just explored movement in an abstract and non-thematic way, with incredible results. All the research we explore for our LEAP programme comes in to our ELEVATE programme, and we are always looking for the easiest process through which disengaged young people are able to move and explore their bodies through their own intrinsic exploration.

To read the evaluation for the Interreg funded project please click here