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Radiate is our new area of work focusing on making and touring dance and physical theatre. We had a wonderful 2 week R&D of a new touring show in September of 2015 exploring fighting and violence in the lives of young people. Through the evaluation of these 2 weeks we have decided to shift our focus to exploring Risk and Consequences in the lives of young people. We are committed to making work that is relevant to the young people we work with, and we are also committed to creating processes whereby these young people are co-conspirators in the making of this work.
Through working with our extraordinary Executive Producer Emma McFarland we are also exploring a completely new methodological approach to the making of this show. We don’t want to discuss the details of it just yet, as we are still in the exploratory, prototype stage. Suffice to say Emma has been incredible in leading us through this process, on being meticulous in not cutting corners, and in making us understand and appreciate a very new way of looking at the making process.
We are looking to prototype the work in early 2017 to then tour across the southwest and potentially further afield in September of the same year.