Attik 360 Perform in Launceston

Attik 360 Dance Company performed at the Access Theatre Platform at Launceston Town hall as part of their ‘Xmas Factor Show’.   The show’s theme was games shows and competitions on the television around Christmas time, and there is a lot of them! … We slotted in perfectly when it came to Strictly Come Dancing!

The company worked for 6 weeks to get the 10 minute piece together, and were given various tasks to create movement for the piece.  The piece was based on what it is to be in a dance team… and the personalities and egos that come with it.  The piece featured solo moments, crazy warm up rituals, and lots of clashes between personalities.   The piece was a comical take on the show – over the top and, extremely physical.

We are pleased to now have Mikey and Tom in the company who also take part in The Access Theatre company and were excited to have their acting skills in the piece. Mikey and Tom played the roles of the host, and we were excited to have some spoken text in the piece, something we have never done before as a company!

In February we begin rehearsing the piece and developing it to perform at Drakes Circus Shopping Centre on Sunday 10th February, outside of Claire’s Accessories on the lower floor. The company will perform at, 11.30 and 12pm to audiences in the shopping centre.  The idea of performing this piece in public came from the dancers themselves and we are extremely excited to be performing in front of hundreds of shoppers!