Attik 360

Attik 360 at Dartington
Attik 360

Easter was busy for Attik 360 with four beautiful and different events.

Two musicians joined us and played piano and guitar for the regular dance workshops. The music ran through the whole room and everybody, uniting the dancers with the music and vice versa.

Attik 360 and Access Theatre met in Liskeard for a day of drama and dance. The day allowed everyone to share their experience and discover new ways to express themselves using all the emotional abilities of the body. This first meeting between Attik and Access was very rewarding and we are already planning the next!

To celebrate the Easter holidays, Attik 360 held a tea party, with hot tea and many cakes. Between the many culinary delights, the dancing allowed the dancers to work off their cakes and to digest in all gaiety.

It may have been the holidays but Attik 360 have not been resting. A great was held at Dartington on April 9th. Attik met again with Access Theatre and new dancers, who came to exchange in the beautiful spaces offered by Dartington. Although the day was rainy, everyone was happy to meet and play with the notion of space. The atmosphere was both quiet but ambitious, while the group filmed in the beautiful Dartington spaces.