Catherine’s Blog and her experience of Includance

Blog – Catherine – Thursday 11th July, 2013

Dancing in France was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Not only learning new things and meeting new people and travelling to a city I’ve never been to. From this project I have gained a lot of confidence in myself but also in being able to perform in front of groups of people. Dancing 5 hours a day roughly was hard work but none of the hard work was wasted and at the end of the week during the performance/sharing, it really showed how far everyone had progressed. The highlight of the trip to Brest had to be the Friday, the last day and the day of the performance. The way everyone came together at the end and the meal topped the whole week off. The performance went really well and there was no identified mistakes made. I was really pleased with the way my duet, unison and third variation went and I would do it all over again if I could. I tried speaking a little French even though it was the basic ‘bonjour’ etc.

The highlights of the week were going swimming for Tom’s birthday, we got a free pass into the sauna because of the inconvenience of the French law in the boys having to wear speedo’s, which was so funny to see. After swimming we went and had a meal on the sea front.

There was some difficulty with the language barrier, which we all managed to overcome in one way or another, this brought all of us the French and English closer together because we were able to communicate better. At first it was hard to know what to say to them and how to say things.

Leaving at the end of the week was sad, getting into a routine of dancing everyday made it hard at home where you weren’t dancing everyday and also having to leave a really nice city and the people we met.


Leading up to the week of dance in Plymouth, I couldn’t wait! The first day was so nice to see everyone again and the weather was amazing. The Sunday and Monday we played around with ideas based on emotions and expressing them through movement and towards the end of the day on Monday we had choreographed in pairs or threes a sequence. On Tuesday we were put into groups of 4 or 5 and combined the two sequences and choreographed in more to the routines.

I was and am really pleased with the routine we created and was looking forward to being able to practice and perform it but my place was taken by Chyna as Tuesday evening I hurt my leg pretty bad.

Tuesday was my highlight of the week as my group had choreographed and performed our routine to the best.

Thursday we got to spend most of the day outdoors with the French guys up at mount Edgecombe.