This is my State Today

This is my State Today
This is the title of the project we are currently exploring in Bristol, in partnership with the Creative Youth Network.
The theme of the project is Mental Health as it pertains to young people (16-22). This isn’t us exploring personal histories and dragging young people through traumatic experiences, but rather conversations and physical explorations of different ways of thinking about mental health, about cultural limitations that force young people into feeling abnormal about their own emotional states, about behaviours that are publicly and privately acceptable or not, and about a way of exploring and re-thinking how we might discuss this most important and difficult subject. This is alongside social media expectations, expectations of peer groups and the self and ultimately is a conversation about identity and who you are and wish to be.
The past 6 weeks have been spent exploring these basic ideas with a number of Bristol-based young artists, and we are looking forward to working with a diverse range of young people in the week of the 25th July to make a series of events for a sharing at 2pm on the 29th at Creative Youth Network.
This is such an exciting event, and the conversations and ideas we have already made have been phenomenal.
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