Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance Round 1 Audition

This weekend I travelled up to London to attend the SEAD audition. I was not feeling particularly confidant because of a back injury that I had been dealing with the past three weeks and the cramped eight hour coach journey up to London did nothing to ease my discomfort. On the Friday night I went to watch a couple of my friends in the London Contemporary graduate show. The student choreography was really interesting and the quality of the dancers themselves was outstanding.

The next day I travelled to Siobhan Davies Studios to attend my audition. It consisted of a one hour contemporary class and then a showing of a pre-prepared solo. I found the contemporary class very challenging as the focus was on making your body relax fully before switching all your muscles on again instantly – going from zero to a hundred in an instant. This is something that I had not experienced to this extent before and it was a big test of how well I was in control of my body and how well I could work my muscles.

We all performed our solos in the same room so we were able to watch everybody else perform. This was quite intimidating as normally you only have to perform to the five or so people on the judging panel and not a whole audience. The solos were also performed in silence, which makes it difficult for you to judge how much time you have left, as they still had to be under 3 minutes, and there is also no impetus or energy from the music, you have to provide it all through your movement. In some ways it was interesting to perform in silence, as it meant you were not restricted by the tempo of the music and you could create your own highlights and rhythms, but I did find it very challenging and it made me realise that I should work with silence more.

I found this audition the hardest out of all of my auditions for a number of reasons. Firstly I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well as this is one of my top choices, this made me nervous and tense which did not translate well into my movement. I also found the class incredibly difficult as it was a way of moving that I had not really experimented with or fully discovered. Because of these reasons it was not only the most challenging audition but the one I enjoyed the most – I felt I learnt so much just in that short space of time and it assured me that I would not be disappointed if I attended SEAD.