Fulfilling your Physical Potential

Fulfilling your Physical Potential

Fulfilling your Physical Potential

So the Rio Olympics have finished and Team GB did amazing things. I was fortunate enough to have my annual leave coincide with the Olympics, so I was able to watch a great deal. Favourite bits? Women’s Rugby 7’s was awe inspiring, the women’s hockey final a nail-biting extravaganza of skill, stress and athleticism, Mo Farah runs like he is floating, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears in the 3M Syncro diving were outstanding and of course Max Whitlock’s quiet and studied determination in the Gymnastics.

And why am I starting this blog with the Olympics? Because this is a demonstration of what can happen when determination and grit meet funding and exceptional coaching, the meeting of which demonstrates moments of the fulfillment of Physical potential.

These athletes (whether they won medals or not because getting to the Olympics is an epic achievement in itself) have pushed and pushed themselves, their skills, their ability to endure pain, their capacity to understand the impact the smallest changes in training and performance will have on outcome and the ability to make and replicate those changes, and ultimately the focus to make all this happen under the most immense stress and press imaginable.

Our focus here at Attik is one of developing human potential through movement, and the Olympics demonstrates one aspect of that development. What we are interested in is supporting young people to physically explore beyond themselves, to find ways of moving and creating movement that they have never previously experienced, all so they are able to ultimately be the best they can be.

We are making our future dance Olympians, supporting young people to pursue physical experiences that also impact on their learning in other ways, on their capacity to think creatively and to problem solve, to have grit and determination to succeed when the going is tough, and to ultimately pull it all off under the stress of performance.

There is often a divide between dance and sport, but we aren’t so different really. We are all on the journey of fulfilling our physical potential, we’re just taking different paths to get there.

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