The new office

Things had started to get pretty crowded in our office, especially on a Tuesday when Lauren, Sarah & Sarah are in for Attik 360. Getting around the office became like a game of twister. Once at your desk you were either trapped, or everyone would have to take a deep breath in to let you squeeze past, whilst you hopped over the speakers, sidestepped the bags and dodged the props.

Attik has moved quite a few times in its history. Attik started life in an outdoor theatre at Sterts in Cornwall. It then travelled through various locations before settling in Plymouth. In 2008 Attik found an ideal home at the Devonport Guildhall. However the renovations’ were not due to be completed until summer 2010 and after the roof fell into the office, we thought we ought to find safe refuge. Off we went again, down the road to Mount Wise. We had a beautiful sea view and an Attic office (how fitting) but after a few bumped heads on the sloping ceiling and no visitors because of the six flights of stairs it took to reach us, the renovations were finally finished at the Guildhall and we moved back in.

This time around, we didn’t want to move far and luckily for us after a bit of reshuffling we were found a larger office still in the Guildhall. We are now settled in; we have lovely sky light windows and much more space! The only down side is that we are right next to the cafe and the smell of pastries baking is making us all ravenous!