Work Placement – Pauline Finet

Hi, I’m Pauline Finet and I come from France. I arrived in January and I will be here for 6 months with Attik Dance in order to understand the functioning of an organisation of dance and disability.

After completing a Master’s of “Intervention and Management of Physical Activities Adapted for Disabilities and Health” at the University of Lyon (France), I would like to continue to enhance my knowledge in an English-speaking country and bring my skills to people with disabilities.

Dancing in a dance school and in an artistic student Company, I wanted to turn my teaching toward the alliance between art, body and disability.  I studied the management of the artistic and physical adapted activities in order to propose a dance structure for everybody.

Wishing for more experience, I came to Attik, to know how the development of dance and disability works in England. Also I would like to learn English in order to communicate and exchange with the entire world.

Since 2006, I have taught physical activities and especially dance for people with disabilities in institutions. I hope to learn more notions in order to design an organisation who respect as much as possible the wellbeing of disabled people with an international link.