Works Experience Placement – Jenny Crowell

In October 2012 I started my work placement with Attik Dance as part of my third year university project. Every day spent with Attik dance was a pure joy, everyone I met was friendly, enthusiastic and inspirational.

My project was looking at how the arts benefit people with disabilities, and after attending Attik 360 classes, visiting special schools that collaborate with Attik and travelling with Clair Beckett to see a seated dance class for people stroke survivors, it is clear to see Attik dance make a huge difference in showing disabled performers full potential.

I also attended Dance for Fitness a class funded by the British Heart Foundation run by Clair and Sarah. This class was great fun and a brilliant workout! Age and fitness levels were always considered and people were never forced to push themselves harder than they felt comfortable. It would be great to see more classes like this in the future as it is for such a brilliant cause, who wouldn’t want a healthy heart?

Biggest thank you again to everyone at Attik Dance who made my work placement so much fun! Hope to see you all again soon in the future.